Sunday, June 20, 2010


Wow I get it has been a ridiculously LONG time since we have updated the blog!
Life at the Dagenais has been as busy as always.
May/June has been a very busy couple of months. On May 28th Stephanie Graduate from Columbia High School. We were fortunate to have her Grandpa and Grandma Plowman, Aunt Tara and Uncle Andrew and cousins as well as Aunt Michelle come from out of state. We missed those that were not able to attend but you were here in our thoughts.
June 4 was a big day for Stephanie as well. She turned 18!!!
LeRoy and Tracie celebrated 20 years of marriage on th 8th of June!! Wow does time sure fly!!!
Ryan and Racheal are out of school for the summer and will both be attending Columbia High School in the fall. Ryan will be a sophmore and Racheal a freshman. Stephanis is enrolled at College of Western Idaho (CWI)for fall semester and will be taking 16 credits.
We hope to get some camping trips in soon.
Well thats about it for now. will try to update again soon.

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